We’ve all heard the basics of a healthy relationship, which includes good communication, empathy, responsibility for your emotions, and various other self-improvement and mindfulness traits.

Now, here are 16 fun and easy things to bring into your relationship to help keep you present, playful, and remembering all those fabulous things you love about your partner.

The drive to be in a loving healthy relationship can be an incredibly strong need. After all, love is one of our strongest emotions. Whether you have been in a relationship 6 months or 12 years, actively working toward keeping a strong and healthy relationship takes two people. If nothing else, cuddle up on the couch, pop some popcorn, and enjoy the list below as your own form of bonding time.

1) Spend a little extra time in bed (morning or night) to laugh, joke, and talk about goals and what excites you.

2) Cook meals together.

3) When you bump into each other around the house, use the opportunity for a hug, silly kiss, or playful moment.

4) Try an activity you both can be awkward at together and don’t take it too seriously.
Learn something new together.

5) Create a yummy recipe together.

6) Tell each other “I love you” at night before going to sleep.

7) Check the local paper for free musical festivals, farmers’ markets, or other festivals to enjoy together.

8) Write down all the things about your partner you’re grateful for and share it with each other at the end of the night.

9) Always kiss each other hello whenever you see each other.

10) Turn on your favorite music and dance through the house.

11) Flirt with each other throughout the day.

12) Go for an evening walk and watch the stars come out.

13) Get up early and make breakfast for each other.

14) Plan an at-home retreat day together (no phones or computers).

15) Spend an afternoon being silly together—go to playgrounds, get ice cream cones, and go window shopping, etc.

16) Volunteer at an animal shelter together.

Mix and match them, create your own, have fun with it. Share it with your friends and see what they think!

  • Julian

    Great post—hadn’t seen this one before now. Such great advice. One thing that works well— Always kiss each other hello whenever you see each other.

  • Bruno

    Beautifully written. Now I will forward it to my girlfriend 🙂 I suspect we’ve been neglecting some of the stuff mentioned in here. Thanks!

  • Candy

    The really hard part is remembering to apply all this in everyday life.

  • Ramon

    Awesome article, wish my partner would read these.

  • Mirjana

    Wow…i really found the answers i was looking for…

  • Emil

    This was an amazing post to read… Thank you for this. I have been working on all of these, and am grateful for your insight and wisdom/learnings!

  • Paul

    Great post! Warm wishes for a fabulous 2016!!