9 Ways To Eat Less and stay heathy

Two new studies presented at the annual Obesity Society meeting suggest that eating too fast is indeed making your waistline expand.
One study found that men who considered themselves fast eaters, compared to slower eaters, had significantly higher body mass indexes (BMI’s). Compared to women, men eat faster downing an impressive 80 calories a minute as apposed to the 52 calories a minute that women down.

The following are ways how to eat less and keep from shovelling food down.

1. Relax

Always stay relaxed. Being stressed while eating will make you feel like you need to eat faster.

2. Use smaller utensils

According to a study from the University of Rhode Island in Kingston those who use smaller utensils, especially spoons and chopsticks, consumed 70 calories less per meal.

3. Those first three bites…. Savour them


A health psychologist at Duke Integrative Medicine, Jeffrey Greeson, Ph.D., says that you trick your mind into believing you’re fuller when you not only pay attention to but also analyse the taste and texture of your food.

4. Use your non-dominant hand

By using your non-dominant hand, if you’re right handed use your left hand and vice versa, you will not only be more deliberate with each bite but it will also make enjoying your food easier. This is a good tip on how to eat less.

5. Sip on water while eating

Not only will you stay hydrated but sipping on water between bites will also slow down the number bites that you take, another best tip on how to eat less.

6. Have a conversation

By having a conversation you not only stimulate your mind you also take longer between bites thus keeping you from overindulging.

7. Add spice…. to you meal that is

Greeson says that adding spice will not only “wake” up receptors in the brain to the fact that you’re eating, it will also make you pay attention to the flavour of your food and drink more water.

8. While eating stay away from soda’s and sweet drinks

A study from the University of California in San Francisco has found that the high fructose corn syrup in soda’s and sweet drinks blocks a key hormone that tells us when we are full.

9. Black Tea

Black tea decreases blood sugar levels by 10 percent for 2 1/2 hours so you’ll feel fuller faster, a study in the Journal of American College of Nutrition has found.

There you have it, 9 sneaky little ways how to eat less.

  • Pascal

    Great tips, Obesity is quickly becoming a serious problem around the world. The quest for a healthier and thinner lifestyle can be hard and sometimes disappointing.

  • Gustavo

    Well. That’s a very good. You are right, that makes a lot of sense, If you are eating faster, you don’t taste as much and have the satisfaction as if you are eating slowly and can taste your food and enjoy it. So you will eat more and more until your taste buds and stomach are satisfied. Or until you realize how much you have consumed.

  • Christophe Chambré

    I think the idea here is that the more you chew, you give your brain more time to recognize that it is full.

  • Laurent Dupond

    Thanks for sharing. My problem is that I don’t get enough sleep so I am perpetually hungry to make up for the loss of sleep 🙁 I know this and haven’t changed this pattern)

  • Nancy Pauline

    Really great tips. I am saving this to go back to. You need things like this to fall back on.