A mustache can be a tricky proposition. For any potential upside, there’s a whole lot of porn-y downside to contend with. But when it works? Well, just direct your attention to Alexander Skarsgård, who debuted his own at the Emmys tonight. The guy looks fantastic.

“The fun part of today is that was figuring out how to incorporate the mustache into Alexander’s look,” says Kim Verbeck, who styled Skarsgård for ReVive Skincare. “It really turned into being the centerpiece.”
Alexander Skarsgard New Mustache at the Emmys Is Something

To try something similar out for yourself, she recommends keeping your clean-shaven skincare routine going to make sure the skin beneath stays healthy. (You do want the option to lose the ‘stache if needed, after all.) She also says it’s best to play it safe with the rest of your look. “Keeping the hair in a classic cut and style allows for having some fun with an unexpected mustache for a bit of edge. Keeping the old Hollywood vibe translates for every kind of man. Think ‘what would Paul Newman do?'”