Google’s announcement of Android Wear has been made all the more meaningful now that wearable connected devices, most notably watches, have been popping up a lot lately.

Android Wear is an operating system built with the form factor in mind as an extension of the Android platform and ported to the wearable space…. beginning with watches but eventually possibly extending to other wearable’s in the future.

Google have teamed up with a collection of leading hardware makers giving them access to the software that they need to build a solid device.

Android Wear

Google have rethought the way you interact with a device by making important information available only when it is contextually relevant, think traffic information during your commute or meeting throughout the day.

Google’s device has voice at its code, this makes it easier for you to respond to text messages, start a playlist of all your favorite video or music and even search for important places nearby.

While Android Wear has yet to be seen on any actual devices, it just a matter of time.

Google Android Watch

Android Wear