Y-3, the fashion line from designer Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas, is known for producing futuristic clothes. The shoes, with their big swooping soles, look like they should be standard issue on an interplanetary freighter.

The clothes could be pulled out of Blade Runner. So, when Y-3 made the announcement today that it’s partnering with Virgin Galactic (the company working to develop commercial spaceflights) a crazy collaboration kind of actually makes total sense.

Futuristic Uniforms for Virgin Galactic's First Commercial Space Flight Crew

According to a news release, the team is designing “plans for a space-apparel system for Virgin Galactic’s pilots, future astronauts and the operations team in Spaceport America.” So, essentially, they’re working to create the real-life version of those Star Trek outfits.

When regular people are getting launched into space, they’re not going to wear flip flops, shorts, and a Hawaiian print shirt. They’ll need something sleek, comfortable, functional, and, with Y-3 in the mix, damn good looking. The news release details the specifics of the clothing: