One of the first pieces that includes the man in the closet after leaving college or earning that promotion at work, is the blazer. It is the part that is the maturity and responsibility of man. Most men have the habit of thinking that there are only two suits for men: the work and out on weekends. But the story goes much further and I discovered that the blazer is a very useful piece for many different situations and do not necessarily need to have that face and mood just right.

Ways To Wear Your Blazer and Adapt it To Your Style

If you plan to take the blazer to convey a more sober image (new job, client meeting, events more “social”) or simply take a more adult approach in its convivial circle without running the risk of appearing “drumstick” or have that look tidy-dowdy, keep an eye on the tips below and see how it’s nothing out of this world. The tips go to every man style: basic, stylish, fashionista, casual and rocker.

1. Basic

The basic man does not worry about the combination of parts. So, usually gray blazer is ideal for combining with all colors. It is not as formal as the black and may be accompanied by very simple parts as smooth shirts, straight jeans and sports shoes (already known and used by men of style parts).

Ways To Wear Your Blazer and Adapt it To Your Style
Notice in the photo: the look is simple, natural and suitable for both work environments and for more casual places. The good basic style is the concern with colors, fabrics and fashion, is in second (maybe third or fourth) plan, and the blazer updated look without the slightest effort.

2. Stylish

The stylish man looks a little more daring, and very natural. You know how to use a dark glasses and combine it with clothes, shoes and chooses different worries that the combination of parts is harmonious.

Ways To Wear Your Blazer and Adapt it To Your Style
Like more subtly, but prefers not to combine them with each other. The blazer, for that style is a plus in the visual and may be accompanied by shorts, fashion shoes and subtly. Invest in combination!

3. Fashionista

The fashionista is on top of fashion trends and know what is being used by street style. To the extent that inspires and search information on websites, magazines and blogs, enhances your visual and allows risk more. There is no ideal blazer for this style.

Ways To Wear Your Blazer and Adapt it To Your Style
If the part is wider, or just have stronger colors and prints, the fashionista will know adapt it and have the right pieces to match it. One tip is to overcome the simple pieces, not necessarily wear it: in addition to being a current way to use the piece, is adequate for the instability of any winter. But beware: you need to know to keep the pose!

4. Casual and comfortable

The priority for this man of style is to be with comfortable pieces and have a good fit and fabrics. There are currently blazers in sweatpants and linen, falling like a glove for the casual and unpretentious style.

Ways To Wear Your Blazer and Adapt it To Your Style
It shows that the concern is with the visual welfare. Light colors are the most chosen, and may overlap both dark pieces as the same shade.

5. Rocker

The rocker has attitude and personality. The blazer is sometimes the leather jacket that often are not well seen in some environments. The ideal is to rescue the rockabilly style that was in vogue in the 1950s, and invest in blazers with slim modeling.

Ways To Wear Your Blazer and Adapt it To Your Style
Combine skinny pants already known for rocker style shoes like brogue or boots and basic shirts (can even be band). The plus style is to invest in varieties.