Pants! We have to wear them in pretty much every situation besides the following: sleeping, bathing (along with almost all other bathroom activities), and watching TV on the couch (assuming you live alone). But some pants are pretty rough on the male anatomy. They’re restrictive—especially pants of the athletic and skinny variety. That’s why, when given the choice, a lot of guys prefer no pants over pants.

But Lululemon — the historically women’s-focused luxury yoga brand that recently expanded into menswear—has a brilliant idea that came at a perfect time for the company. And that idea is?

Anti-ball crushing technology!

Lululemon's Men's Pants Could Save Your Balls

Meaning, pants specially designed to be kind to your junk. Having endured inventory problems for months, Lululemon has released its Q1 numbers, which show that the company is being bolstered by its menswear strategy and investments in product innovation. That is: Saving men’s balls is also saving the company.

The pants, which are actually called ABC (anti-ball crushing) pants, retail for $88-$128 and are designed with a flexible fabric to give “you and the family jewels room to breathe.” Product innovation, ladies and gentlemen.