All coats including parkas and puffers can be found in cuts that follow your new found form and still flatter.

The worst thing you could do, however, is seek shelter in a shapeless sack since in our experience that’s the real culprit behind winter weight.

Q: I just bought a pair of winter boots and wanted to know what’s more stylish… cuffing my pant leg or tucking my pants into my boots?

A: The cuffed jean or khaki or cord hasn’t been standard since the mid‘80s, but we’re glad you noticed it’s back. And now that winter’s nipping at our toes, the tucked pants are making its annual debut. While either slack strategy is suitable, your choice should depend on both the boots and the bottom you choose to wear. For basic straight leg styles roll ’em up a time or two. Tucking on the other hand typically requires a super slim fit calf high hiking lace up.

Otherwise, you’ll end up turning your trousers into parachute pants a la Hammertime.

Q: I need to buy a gift for my buddy but want to avoid things like DVDs or books as we’re getting a little older. Are there any manly gift ideas for grooming or style that I can get him?

A: Cologne is always an option even if it is rather contrived but we’re bigger fans of rounding up a couple of creams like shaving, moisturizing and eye. Come holiday time many companies combine their greatest grooming products in prepackaged gift sets.

However, if this is best-friend territory, or you’re feeling generous, a clean chrome razor and brush stand done up cool should do the trick.

Q: When I’m wearing a V-neck sweater, should the cuff of the button down I’m wearing be out from under the sleeve or should it stay under?

A: The majority of men think it should be completely covered up but the truth is, any shirt slipped under a sweater should show some sleeve just as it would if you wore a suit. All it takes is a 1/4″ to 1/2″ peeking out to polish things off.

And so we hope this has helped you a little bit with finding out more about men’s fashion trends for 2014 as well as all the 2014 winter fashion trends for men so that you can keep looking sharp during the cold winter months.