Dimmed lights, formal dress, and a certain tension in the air deriving from the tantalising prospect of a win or a loss – there is something undeniably alluring about casino gaming. An evening spent amidst the baize-topped tables of a stylish establishment offers the sort of restrained excitement that makes for a unique night out: sometimes it can almost be like starring in a movie of your own making.

Naturally enough, there is a stage in a relationship when a casino outing is inappropriate. It is not recommended as a venue for a first date – there are too many distractions at a time when you are supposed to be concentrating on each other. But for established couples there is much to commend the balance of risk and excitement that is intrinsic to casino gaming.


And the game that best allows couples to play together, to share in every single aspect of the play is the iconic and easily accessible game of roulette. The rudiments of the game are something everyone can grasp; the familiar set-up of a spinning wheel, a bobbling ball and 37 numbers (38 if you’re playing in the US) is eminently uncomplicated.

Rehearsal repays the effort

To get the best from the game it pays to have rehearsed a strategy and to have garnered some understanding of the subtleties that the different bets entail. Numerous sites provide usefully straightforward introductions online: the award winning 32Red’s selection of roulette games is amongst the most comprehensive.

Since the 32Red site also offers a free-to-play, no download option it has much to commend it. Other providers such as Grosvenor casinos and royalpanda.com are equally accessible, however the awards that 32Red has picked up since it was named online casino of the decade in 2010 gives it a certain cachet that is not to be sniffed at. You don’t have to dress up to play there, but it doesn’t matter if you do.


A game for partners

Whether you both choose to do your homework online, or whether one of you is prepared to pass on your new found expertise to your partner is up to you. But with a dizzying array of potential bets and a no less confusing set of odds attaching to each one of those, the more you can prepare yourself the more accomplished will be your play and the more enjoyable your evening will be!

Even online there is a timeless, nostalgic quality to roulette that inevitably involves the whiff of a bygone age. It is easy to imagine yourself rubbing shoulders with old time movie matinee idols and femmes fatales. And it is that sense of partnership that makes roulette such

a good fit for a couple to play. Unlike card games where secrecy and bluff might be at odds with a healthy rapport, roulette brings couples together. It unites them in a shared sense of hope and expectation, and it does so in the most theatrical and – to some minds – romantic setting. Playing together equates to staying together.

There is a shall-we, shan’t-we edge of the seat dramatic aspect to choosing a bet and that tension is then teased out all-the-more theatrically as the ball spins around on its independent path. Where will it come to rest?

Like so much else in life, sharing the anticipation implicit in that question is all part of the fun.