Winter is a time when skipping exercise and gaining a few pounds is not considered a lazy act.

Due to the cold wintery winds and icy roads, keeping yourself active and strong becomes a

difficult choice. If you don’t want to work out on your winter weight in the summer, then ice

skating is the best way to keep away from gaining extra weight and having fun in the cold


Every major city has indoor or outdoor ice skating rinks that are an opportunity for many

seeking the benefits of this incredibly fun sport. In ice skating, elements like stability, control,

and strength are tested and make it enjoyable healthy activity for all ages and groups.

Here are some of the greatest benefits of ice skating in winter (even when you do it once a



Staying Fit in Winter with Ice Skating

1. Stronger leg muscles

Legs are the key elements of ice skating that push the body forward and take on the pressure

when you suddenly stop. This workout makes the leg muscles stronger and offers great exercise

for building and toning up over time. You can change the way your legs resemble knobby-kneed

and transform them into something more athletic and muscular.



2. More Flexible Joints

Without a doubt, ice skating has a great impact on your legs and joints. Whether you’re looking

for a fun winter activity option or solution to your creaky knees, ice skating is the one for you!

The sport involves quick movements that result in a great workout for knees and will make

them more flexible in no time.


Staying Fit in Winter with Ice Skating

3. Safer Workout Option

During winters, jogging on icy roads or working out in the cold can leave you with a broken hip

or a bad cold. Indoor ice skating gives you an opportunity of burning calories without risking

your immune system, during the time of cold temperatures. Simply wear your ice skating gear

and enjoy this fun and exciting workout with the comforts of enclosed areas.



4. Weight Loss

One of the primary reasons for weight gain in winter is a lack of physical activity. Even if you

maintain the same diet plan, without working out your muscles will develop an increased fat

ratio that leads to the phenomena of ‘winter weight.’ With ice skating, you can burn more than

600 calories per hour, depending upon the intensity of your activity.



5. Emotional Fitness

Apart from keeping your body fit, ice skating is known to have a great positive impact on the

mental health. It elevates stress and boosts one’s self-confidence, which can result in happier

and healthier life.

Staying Fit in Winter with Ice Skating


6. Improved Balance

Ice skating is all about balancing your body weight on sleek skating shoes. When you perform

this activity on a regular basis, your stability will improve, and you will train your body to

maintain its balance on a slippery trail.


7. Stronger Immune System

Ice skating is a sport that requires energy for an extended period, which allows your body to

develop a stronger immune system and endurance. The longer you skate, the stronger will be

your endurance, which will have a positive impact on your immune system.



8. Fun Cardio

Cardio involves moving your body regularly in a specified position and burning calories with

intense workouts. Ice skating is a great way of doing your regular cardio, even when the sun is

not shining, and winds are cold as ice. You will do cardio while ice skating without even knowing


Staying Fit in Winter with Ice Skating

Ice skating is a popular sport that is gaining popularity all around the world. Its ability to do

intense workouts, fun and exciting make it a hot choice for fitness enthusiasts around the

world. You can enjoy this sport in both summers and winters while burning calories and kicking

out the ‘winter weight’ trend.

Cassie Roberts

Cassie Roberts is a young content writer and social media enthusiast. She’s currently working as the content creator and manager for Skates Guru, which combines her love for dancing, writing, and winter. In her free time, she enjoys reading, cooking and dance lessons.