There are men’s watches that attract a lot of attention just by virtue of belonging to a particular brand (think Rolex, Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin). There are other watches that attract attention because they cost a lot of money or are covered in diamonds.

However, some watches out there are neither gaudy by design nor association, and are just true, classic, unique, masculine timepieces that represent classic design, expert engineering and elegant finishing. An Original Grain watch is one of those watches, and they might just be one of the most respected unique timepieces on the planet.

Original Grain was founded by two brothers who dreamed of building a line of watches that blended natural elements and an elevated sense of style. Their watches are made from sustainable exotic hardwoods encased in 100% stainless steel bands, making every watch an original.

It’s been two years since the release of their previous Classic style, and the launch of their new line is making watch enthusiasts take notice. Enter: The BARREL Watch in Whiskey Espresso

The Whiskey Espresso

One quick look at this watch, with its handcrafted covering and art-house design, is enough to convince even the casual viewer that this is something special.

Despite its unique look, The Whiskey Espresso BARREL Watch has a simple elegance to its design, starting with its minimalist face. Made with Reclaimed American Oak Whiskey Barrel wood that is domestically sourced in the USA. From the barrel to your wrist, this wood has come a long way!. The 47mm face is not only bold, but is built to last, with a specially designed inlaid case design and custom sloped bezel to protect the wood from everyday wear and tear.




Every piece tells its own story through its unique color and grain pattern, and no two watches are the same! Its luxurious looks and yet affordable status makes it every man’s dream.

The Whiskey Espresso gracefully walks the fine line between modern and classic design, with enough elements of both to satisfy even the most demanding watch collector, and its elegant craftsmanship meet the very highest of watchmaking standards.

In short, Original Grain has done it again. Their BARREL line features six different styles made from a variety of exotic hardwoods and launched through Kickstarter on June 18th.

Be assured that by owning an Original Grain watch, you’re owning something truly original.

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